Friday, February 20, 2009

Food Review: Ebikomaru

Aside from politics, Asian American randomness, Chicago drama, I love talking about food. I've always wanted to do random food reviews because my digital camera has so many pictures that I could essentially have my own collection of food p0rn. One of my goals in doing these reviews is to have an excuse to try food I haven't had before. Primarily food I have not eaten from the Tai Nam Supermarket, located by the Argyle red line station.

Today's snack is the Ebikomaru. I saw this and thought, hmm, shrimp wafers? Is it like the shrimp chips?

Upon closer examination and tastes, my partner and I agreed that while the snack is visually nice, it's taste was sadly blandish in flavor. We wanted it to work, but it didn't in the end. It had a weird light shrimp fishy smelling wafer deal. You know?

Poor Ebikomaru. Stay tuned for another blog post on another random food item from Tai Nam!

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