Monday, March 9, 2009

The Asian Dude in the Miley Cyrus Fiasco Responds, Sorta. Ok, NOT REALLY.

I think the title of the post really gets to the point.

I was reading some posts and came up DISGRASIAN's post on them messaging the Asian dude on myspace about the incident, also known as Chuck Willis.

Uh, well, his myspace got deleted and all was said was from MTV:

"When contacted by MTV News, Willis would neither confirm nor deny that it's him in the picture, saying that, due to the number of calls he's been receiving from media outlets, he's 'not going to talk about it.'"

Remember when I blogged about Adriel's response to this incident? I wasn't sure if this Chuck dude was going to say anything. I wasn't even sure if he was a sellout. But man, when you say "I don't want to talk about it," on this important issue, then, you're a sellout. Sorry man. You're participating and didn't do anything about it. Epic Fail.

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