Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blago Continues to Update His FB

Apologies, I haven't updated in a few days! Been busy at work.

Lots of new topics at hand. First off, Blago continues to update his facebook. Seriously. I didn't think he'd continue. His facebook picture is his family now.

Hannity Unfair
Let him know you don't appreciate his badgering of Rod.
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Does Sean make your blood boil? Are you overcome with anger by the sheer thought of him? Do you find yourself shouting at the TV wishing your verbal lashing could be heard?

Don't miss Rod on Fox tonight Wednesday at 9pm Eastern time with Hannity and Colmes.

See my top 25 for Rod's accomplishments. He was a great governor.

If you want to see his updates, become his fan on facebook and you can see what I'm seeing now. It's so weird having my former governor hitting all the networks up and traveling like it's a vacation.

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