Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Opening: The Trouble with Romance

I first saw this film at FAAIM (Foundation for Asian American Independent Media) which is also known as the Chicago Asian American Showcase (I know, I know, two names for the same event). The Chicago film festival is usually held in the Spring at the Gene Siskel Theater, just before Asian American heritage month kicks off. I saw this movie in Spring 2007 and it was my first time attending this kind of film festival.

In any case, the movie director is reaching out to folks in helping his movie gain traction. I totally support it; it's great! It features a variety of romantic stories that play out throughout the movie. You've got to watch it since fellow Asian American actors Roger Fan and Emily Liu!


I'd like to reach out to all of you to help me spread the word about the release of my upcoming film, The Trouble With Romance.The film has been an audience favorite at festivals, and if you're into relationship movies, I think you'll enjoy it. You may or may not relate to the whole movie, but since it's an ensemble piece with several different stories, I'm confident you'll like at least one of them. (Some of you have already seen it at film festivals, and if so, feel free to let others know what you think.)For a low budget independent film, getting any kind of distribution from a major studio is a feat in and of itself. I'm very grateful that Warner Bros picked it up. The film will premier nationwide on February 1 via Pay-Per-View right before the movie hits theaters.For those of you in New York, the film will also be screening at the Quad Cinema theaters starting on February 27, a few weeks after it premieres via PPV/On Demand, so please encourage folks in N.Y. to see it in the theater.

And for any folks in San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom's new wife also has a prominent role in the movie (in case you're interested).Independent films like this need all the support they can get since we don't have millions of dollars of marketing money to pay for ads on TV to draw large audiences. So as part of your NetKAL family, I'd appreciate any help you could provide in spreading the word to as many folks as possible. I'm not asking for your help because I'm Korean or Asian, or because the film is "Asian American" (which it isn't); but rather, because it's a widely-accessible indie film that I think many of your friends (regardless of their heritage) would enjoy. (Full Details Below)

Wishing you all my best, Gene


Warner Bros. to premiere director Gene Rhee's "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" before it hits theaters!The film stars cast members from "Sex & the City", "Entourage", "Better Luck Tomorrow", "Two and a Half Men" and more!2 Release Dates:*On FEBRUARY 1, **WARNER BROS. will World Premiere director Gene Rhee's "THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" via On-Demand/Pay-Per-View prior to the film's theatrical release. (Check your cable listings.) Then...**On FEBRUARY 27, **"THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE" will begin its theatrical release at New York's Quad Cinema theaters. Check local listings in NYC for showtimes or go to*

(FILM CRITIC REVIEWS:)*'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED'**"An extraordinarily engaging, well-written and creatively filmed romantic comedy comprised of four stories set in hotel rooms on the same floor..."**-The San Francisco Chronicle** **"...Rhee's feature debut is in some ways a textbook for how to make a great low-budget feature: Start with a really good, tightly written script, hire some terrific, trained, hungry actors and shoot it economically on small interiors. For an audience, it's a winning combination."**-The San Francisco Chronicle** **"(Roger Fan's) intense crying jag while on the toilet is a riot. It is to bathroom crying jags what the French Connection car chase is to car chases."**-The San Jose Metro** **"Rhee is a talented director…"**-The SF Weekly** **"Jennifer Siebel is stunning…(her) performance in The Trouble with Romance is highly watchable…"**-The SFist*

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