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Community Advocate (Seattle, WA) Job Posting


.75 FTE Community Advocate Job Description

About Chaya

Chaya, (translated from the Sanskrit word for “shelter” or “shade,”), founded in 1996, is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides resources and services to South Asian women in situations of domestic violence, and works towards creating awareness about the issue in the South Asian and larger communities. Our work is informed by a complex understanding of the specific cultural circumstances surrounding domestic violence in the South Asian community.

Chaya’s mission is to support South Asian survivors and families impacted by domestic violence and abuse, and to engage communities to change the societal conditions that enable oppression, especially violence against women.

Chaya envisions a just and equitable world free of violence.

Chaya’s Philosophy and Commitment

Chaya understands domestic violence as an imbalance of power within relationships supported and made possible by larger imbalances of power in society, such as racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, sexism, homophobia, classism, and ableism. We believe that part of ending domestic violence involves acknowledging and talking about the larger systems of oppression that give rise to abuse and violence in our lives and communities.

We provide services to South Asian women who are past or present survivors of domestic violence and abuse. This work is grounded in an empowerment approach in which we recognize and support each survivor’s worth, integrity, right to self-determination and safety. We understand that the people we work with are unique, complex, and whole beings and that the domestic violence they experience is only one factor of many shaping their lives and the opportunities available to them. We support each woman within her own unique cultural context and are committed to improving a survivor’s access to services. We strive to do our work with compassion, respect and humility.

Chaya is committed to raising awareness about domestic violence issues in the South Asian context and inspiring and involving our communities to be part of this movement. In collaboration with our communities, we strive to achieve our mission by challenging systems of inequality and promoting positive social change.

Chaya also actively represents the South Asian perspective on key issue’s relevant to women at the policy level.

The Community Advocate Position

Chaya seeks a Community Advocate to work 30 hours per week on domestic violence issues primarily through direct services to survivors of domestic violence.

The Community Advocate will be primarily responsible for the following activities (comprising 80% of their work time):


* Respond to calls on the Helpline from survivors, family members and friends, and other service providers.
* Provide advocacy-based counseling* to survivors in a culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate manner.
o Advocate for survivors to safety plan, build support networks, process trauma, and heal from abuse.
o Make relevant and appropriate referrals for clients’ legal, medical, housing and related needs.
o Work collaboratively with others in the direct-service program, including staff and advocacy committee volunteers.
* Coordinate and facilitate a monthly support group for Chaya clients.
* Abide by Chaya’s confidentiality policies.
* Complete accurate and timely documentation and reports.
* Develop and maintain relationships with ally organizations, community members, and other service providers.
* Exhibit congruency between the mission and values of Chaya and one’s interactions with the community.

The Community Advocate will also be expected to devote 20% their time to supporting some of the following activities:

* Foster organizational and infrastructure development.
* Participate in organizational committees with board members and volunteers as needed.
* Represent Chaya on select coalitions.
* Advocate for key policy issues.
* Prepare and distribute education and outreach materials.
* Organize community events, forums, and trainings.
* Participate in South Asian cultural celebrations and other community events.
* Participate in fundraising activities and events.
* Conduct basic administrative/maintenance tasks to contribute to smooth functioning of office operations.
* Actively promote Chaya’s mission by participating in awareness-building opportunities, such as trainings, forums, panel discussions, etc.

Desired Qualifications:

* Experience with domestic violence and abuse advocacy-based counseling.
* Experience with community-based advocacy, social service work, and/or non-profit organizations in Seattle
* Experience with and knowledge of South Asian diaspora communities or experience working with other refugee/immigrant communities in the US
* Reliable transportation and a valid WA state driver’s license.
* Ability and experience with maintaining a compassionate and yet professional approach while working with people in crisis situations, who are of diverse ethnic, religious, national, educational, language, sexual orientation, cultural, and class backgrounds.
* Excellent writing, communication, and interpersonal skills.
* Public speaking skills and experience in planning and giving trainings
* Experience in grassroots or community organizing
* Ability to speak a South Asian or Middle Eastern language
* Ability to Multitask

This is a ¾ time position with competitive salary and benefits.

Salary dependent on experience.

Chaya is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

Women, minorities and people of color are encouraged to apply.

To apply:

We will begin reviewing resumes on February 1, 2009.

The position will stay open until filled.

Position to begin as early as February 17, 2009 .

Please send or e-mail a cover letter and resume to:


Attn: Hiring Committee

PO Box 22291

Seattle, WA 98122

E-mail: hiring at chayaseattle dot org (written out to prevent automatic spam generation.)

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