Saturday, January 31, 2009

UIC Mr. Asian Sens-Asian 2009

My alma mater! Fun event. Details below.

Mr. Asian Sens-Asian '09
F.O.B.S = Fight Off Bad Stereotypes
Wednesday, April 8th
Illinois Room, SCE



Its that time again, for MR ASIAN SENS-ASIAN. For those of you that do not
know what this is, it is a MALE talent show in the format of a beauty
pageant. The contestants are showcased off to the audience by performing
their talents, dances, skits, etc. The judges rate them on their
creativity, charisma, and talent.


Mr. Asian Sens-asian

Male Talent Competition
Entry Form

The Asian-American Awareness Month Planning Committee of the University of
Illinois at Chicago proudly presents the 5th Annual Mr. Asian Sens-Asian
Pageant on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. The purpose of this event is to
recognize highly motivated, ambitious, and talented Asian-American males
that wish to send a message about breaking traditional stereotypes formed
by our society. By celebrating the rich diversity of Asian-American
culture, these captivating and charismatic young individuals will
represent the underrepresented and serve as vehicle to raise awareness of
the issues that affect the Asian/Asian-American student population. The
Pageant will be comprised of a talent, formal wear, casual wear, and
question/answer round.

PRIZES for: 1st Place: TBA
2nd Place: TBA

The maximum number of contestants competing will range from 12-18 people.
It is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible.
Spaces are limited.
*Please attach ALL additional requirements listed below along with this
signed application form.

The first general meeting will be held February 13, 2009 at 4:30 pm. The
room will be announced when you turn in your application forms.

• Eligibility
o Must be a current student at UIC
o Please enclose with application a quality photo of yourself
o Please include but not limited to: interesting information that you
would like to be presented to the audience.
o Must be able to perform talent on stage (i.e., singing, dancing, musical
instruments, comedic/dramatic monologues, exhibition, etc.)
o Talent may be performed solo or with a group or partner so as long as
the contestant has the main role.
***Please enclose a brief description of the talent you will perform. All
talent will be screened and approved***

• Short Answer
o Choose ONE of the following and enclose a brief response (1 or 2
o In what ways do you promote/preserve your cultural heritage and promote
Asian-American awareness?
o To what extent do you feel preservation of your culture vs. assimilating
to American society is important?
o How would you describe being an Asian-American male in America's society
has influenced your life?
o What kind of stereotypes have you experienced growing up and why is it
important to break these stereotypes?

o Application deadline is due February 12, 2009. Please send in the
application either through paper copy at our booths (which will be located
in front of the bookstore 2/9 - 2/11) or email it to one of our contacts
listed below.


Personal Information:
First Name:__________ MI:____ Last:________________
City:_______________________________________ State:________ Zip
E-mail Address:
Primary Phone: ( ) _______ – ___________ Secondary Phone: ( )_______ –
Academic Major:


Jennifer Guiang (aKDPhi) 773.787.3977

Alex Kim (CST) 630.251.7759

Participant's Agreement Statement:
I,________________________________, agree to participate in Mr. Asian
Sens-asian Pageant in April 2009. I have read and understand all of the
rules and regulations of this contest. If I do not meet all of the
requirements/rules, I understand that I will not be able to participate in
the pageant. I also agree to provide any information necessary to
participate in the contest. All of the information above, that I have
provided, is correct and true.
Participant's Signature: ______________________________________
Date: _______________

*If you would like to respond and are interested please copy and paste the
above form through word as an attachment and send to one of the contacts
filled out completely. Also, please provide us with one of the short
answer questions filled out through a word document.

-Alex Kim

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