Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Asian Americans in Politics

This dropped by my inbox; more Asian Americans in politics, woohoo! My favorite links are at the end, where we see photos of the new staff posing before they tackle their new jobs. :) I learned some really cool factoids from the slides!

Gen. Shinseki: Lost part of his foot in a battle in Vietnam. Also told the Bush administration that they were wrong. Takes guts!

James Clyborn: I totally didn't know he was the majority whip for the house. AND! Highest ranking African American in Congress. OH HELL YEAH.

Eugene Kang: This dude miraculously works for Obama and he's 24. Bloody hell, I need to get on the ball to catch up with him career wise!

Steven Chu: He knows a lot about lasers and can give mental slaps to anyone who challenges him.

Reggie Love: I freaking love how his job is to literally by aid Obama. That's a lot of pressure there. Amazing! And he's super young too!

David Axelrod: Never ceases to amuse me. He's always pleasant and easy going. He also somewhat reminds me of the pillsbury dough boy.


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are gaining more positions in the new administration and congress. Mainstream media is beginning to understand the potential of our community. The following are some recent media coverage about the political power of AAPIs.

Speaker Pelosi's Statement Following Electoral Ballot Count (APIAVote Deputy Director, Naomi Tacuyan and Program Coordinator, Alvina Yeh were invited as guests of the Speaker during the session)


Asian American Political Profile Rising in the US:

Asian Americans: A Growing Force in City Politics

NYT: Obama's People Photo Gallery (Features Pete Rouse, Senior Advisor; Eugene Kang, Special Assistant to the President; Eric Shinseki, Veteran's Affairs Secretary; and Steven Chu, Energy Secretary)

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