Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tokyo Joe: The man who brought down the Chicago mob

I read about this at Imprint Talk and I must say, why haven't I heard about this guy? I mean, he survived a hit that he was 90% sure that he was going to get shot in. Talk about a bad hit job. The 2 guys who did the hit job, well, they got hit and died before they were brought to court.

His history in Chicago stems from his work as a mob guy, ranking pretty high in running his "bolito" and boasted that when he was 90 years old, he'd be happy to talk about his bolito. Well, he died at the age of 84 and only in the past year, were files released on him. There's a film named Tokyo Joe, created by Japanese film makers on this Japanese American. I'd love to see it except that it seems like the film dates are in Japanese and IN Japan. I need to figure out a way to get around this.

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