Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Insert Witty Salutation Here: Welcome!

Seeing this empty blog space is unnerving and a little part of my gut has already fallen to the floor, laughing at me as I undertake a blogging adventure with or without it (preferably with it). In any case, this blog is really more like an extension of my Facebook account.

You might ask, what the heck are you talking about? Well, that's exactly it. I used to share stuff like crazy onto my Facebook and then... I got a full job. I somehow have less time now. But people wanted to see what I had posted, share my wealth of food p0rn, read up on Asian American events, Asian American anything really, and all my crazy shared entries on topics that cover so many topics that the only word I can think of that describes it all is RANDOM.

Someone may ask, "SRSLY, what are you talking about? List'em out! Do it. I dare you. What topics do you dare step on?"

And then I would respond with this RIDICulous list of topics in my feeble attempt to describe my blog aspirations aka my Facebook extension:

Asian American anything
Asian (Asia)
American (mainstream America)
Technology and video games
Local events aka Midwest represent
Random trivial things
Arts and such
Random academic studies
Advocacy related things I find to be of interest to me
Infrequent job postings
Youtube videos

In any case, I intend to post up things that I get from friends, organizations, events, etc. Knowledge is power. I'd like to share the knowledge that hits up my inbox. It does more good if I share it.

In any case, let the fun begin because I have a lot of stuff to put up.

I don't know what to do about the blog format, does anyone have any tips on that? It's good for what it is right now, probably?

Blah, let's just go.

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  1. Upload pics alongside your texts and movie reviews, after those monday night screenings.